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  Patricia Streams-Warman, Recorder of Deeds   

Recorder of Deeds
County Courthouse
825 Philadelphia St.
Indiana, PA 15701
Office: (724) 465-3860
Fax (724) 465-3863

Java Update Info-- Please Read

The mechanisms we use to view and print images on the website have been impacted by a new release of a program called Java- which is used widely across the internet. Due to this change, you may now notice an assortment of messages when you attempt to view or print images on the county website.

The first message is typically one informing you that your Java is out of date. We recommend that you elect to update at a later time and remain at your current Java version. NOTE: selecting "block" on this notice will prevent you from being able to run Java, and thus prevent viewing or printing of images. If you must update, please logout of the county website and go to to follow the steps to download and install the latest version of Java. Once Java has been successfully updated, please reboot your computer before attempting to login to the county website again.

After updating Java, you may observe that when attempting to view images, a notice appears asking if you want to run the application. You will need to select Run to allow viewing of documents. Additionally, some people have made reports of the Image Viewer appearing to ‘stall’ on the Printing screen. We have seen cases of this and can confirm that this is due to another Java popup appearing on your computer that needs to be addressed in order to be able to continue. Double check your task bar below and make sure you do not have a Java popup appearing there. Sometimes they may even appear behind your web browser. Click the Allow button and you will be able to continue. If you still have trouble viewing documents or you have installed Java Version 8_25, please navigate to the Java Control Panel > Security Tab and click the button labeled, "Edit Site List" > click the "Add" button > Enter both of the following lines of text. (On Mac, this is accessed in the System Preferences. On Windows, it is via Start->Control Panel)

Click OK and then click the Restore Security Prompts button then Restore All. Click OK to close the Java Control Panel and then close ANY open web pages so the changes will take effect.

NOTE: after selecting Run / Allow on the messages described above, you won’t see them appear again during your browser session - but, it will likely display the next time you login.

Please know that we are working with our vendor to implement a better solution to the issues that have occurred as a result of these changes by Java. Thank you for your patience during this time.

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